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JOTUN Fireproofing Technology

Dozik (Nigeria) Limited is the first Nigerian Oil & Gas Servicing Comapany to have applied Jotun Fireproofing Technology on CNL facilities at Escravos.

Why we chose to offer PFP Techology

Our many years in corrosion control taught us that most commonly used building materials, concretes, metals, wood and even structured steel lose integrity when exposed to the effects of intensed heat or fire. As these materials are exposed exposed, it does lead to structural failure.

Every facility owner in the oil and gas industry have their
assets designed and constructed so that their stability will be maintained for a reasonable period of time. Structures made from steel requires protection from all forms of hydrocarbon fires to ensure they do not collapse prematurely and provides time for occupants to escape for firefighters arrival. This is why Parsive Fire Protection (PFP) technology is vital to curb fire incidence and protect these high investments from fire damage.

By this, we have chosen to believe in PFP technology as a recommendation for all forms of hydrocarbon and jet fires. Certainly, w
ithout PFP technology, fires or explosions can rapidly escalate and lead to loss of life or serious injury, catastrophic damage to assets, production interruptions or even total shutdowns.

Types of PFPs we offer for different fires

Over the years, Dozik (Nigeria) Limited have come to reach the conclusion that the type of PFP needed depends on the type of industry, structure, building materials, fire scenarios and how long the structural elements must retain their strength. This is why we have chosen to offer some wide range of PFP technology from Jotun - a technology that best protect structural steel against cellulosic, hydrocarbon pool and jet fires.
Some of the PFPs we have offered are:

Thin film PFP for Cellulosic fires - This form of PFP is used for structural steel and infrastructural projects such as bridges, commercial buildings, schools and airports.

Thick film PFP for hydrocarbon pool and jet fires - A thick film PFP epoxy based coating used for hydrocarbon processing industries and the offshore industries.
In all, our choice of PFP for fireproofing has the advantages of
- better protection for hydrocarbon and jet fires
- better solution for thermal insulation
- increased productivity
- mesh free installation
- economical (saves up to 50% in time and cost)
- low thickness
- HAPs free

LIQUID RUBBER (MetalSafe) Technology

We are the first indigenous comapany to have applied Liquid Rubber (MetalSafe) - Leakproof Technology on reservoir tanks and offshore facilities of major oil and gas companies. We've successfully used MetalSafe sealant for corrosion protection coatings in CNL Tank Farm where reservoir firewater tanks were coated. Liquid Rubber (MetalSafe) sealants was also in use during the "Roof Leak Repair Project" at Funiwa - North APOI.

This high Ultra Corrosion protection sealant can also be applied to light rusted surfaces, RV Roofs, Torch Down/Mod-bit Roofs, Decks and Docks, Meatl Roofs, Basement Interior Walls, Foundation Exterior, Ponds, Asphalt Driveways, Gutters, Shower Liners, Planter Boxes and for Concrete sealing.

Funiwa - North APOI Gallery

Routine Corrosion Control Work at EGTL Escravos

We are proud to have successfully completed maintenance works on Unit-45 Reaction Vessel and Unit-50 Optimization Vessels, Unit-75 and many more in CNL locations in Escarvos. These include our Plant Operation Team (POT) daily maintenance work, Diesel Utilization Project (DUP) team, Dock Gate (DG) team, etc. 

We have a wide range of corrosion control equipment and highly qualified personnel with years of experience in the field. Our air compressors of different CFMs, airless spray machines, air dryers, welding machines, de-watering pumps, air distribution manifolds, air tanks, Jack Hammers, Spin and Hollow Blast machines are fully available with their operators to make your maintenance work a dream finish.

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