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Quality, Health, Safety & Environment (QHSE)
working principles.

Quality, Health, Safety, Security & Environment (QHSSE)
Dozik (Nigeria) Limited maintains a high safety standard in the course of execution of her works to various multinational and national oil services companies.

QUALITY SERVICES -  "We remain in QUALITY while we put SAFETY first"

Dozik (Nigeria) Limited Aims At:
· Safely contributing more meaningfully to the development of corrosion, materials, and engineering profession in the country.
· Safely creating more jobs and improving the economic and social welfare of employees and their dependents.
· Safely improving the quality and quantity of services we render to our clients.

DOZIK (NIGERIA) LIMITED continually work to improve current industry best practices in compliance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard and provide innovative solutions to new or unique problems whenever the challenge arises. We believe our key quality is in our willingness to accept responsibilities for delivering an exceptional service and focus on aligning project specific objectives with our client’s overall business drivers. This quality has been demonstrated through our personnel excellent track records of achievement.

It is the Policy of Dozik (Nigeria) Limited to conduct its operations in such a manner that the Health and Safety of her employees, subcontractors and others is not compromised and the impact on the environment is reduced to As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP).  In the same way, we ensure and render qualitative services to our clients, making them see reasons why we are at the fore-front of engineering service delivery.

Dozik (Nigeria) Limited
activities are organized, planned and executed in such manner so as to:
· Protect and promote the health of its workforce as well as to conduct its activities in such a manner as not to adversely affect any third party.
· Avoid injury to any worker, sub-contractors, and third party who is involved directly or indirectly in her activity.
· Ensure the personal security of the workforce and third parties.

Every of our employee and Sub-contractors are always encouraged to perform their task in accordance with the company’s policy, and any activity shall be suspended (Stop Work) when observed that essential safety measures are not in place.

Dozik (Nigeria) Limited has it as a policy and function to manage security affairs as an integral part of its overall HSSE programme and indeed part of the company's business so as to minimize the number of security related incidents for all staff, clients and third party personnel involved in her operations.

To ensure implementation of this policy, we engage a good number of trained security personnel to protect our company and client's equipment and facilities. Necessary Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) and other work related gadgets such as mobile radios, phones, torches, uniforms, etc, have been provided to
enhance workers services. Security training/drills are conducted occasionally to increase security awareness.

For easy flow of information, the head of security officers report to the HES Manager who is the focal point and act in concert with relevant departments in the realization of set security objectives and targets. We also have a developed database for enhanced
security management.

It is the responsibility of all employees of Dozik (Nigeria) Limited to perform their task in an environmentally sound manner. We promote and encourage awareness to protect and preserve the environment. In
implementing this policy, employees are encouraged to pay appropriate attention to the environment. All wastes are collected, handled, treated and disposed in such a way as not to have negative impact on the environment. Regular environmental assessment is conducted by our environmental consultants as required. At the conclusion of any activity, our goal is to leave the operational environment in the physical condition it was met.

... A few testimonials & achievements
Dozik (Nigeria) Limited is the first Nigerian Oil & Gas Servicing Comapany to have applied Jotun Fireproofing Technology on CNL facilities at Escravos.
We are also the first Nigerian Comapany to have applied Liquid Rubber (MetaSafe) - Leakproof Technology on CNL reservoir tanks and offshore facilities.
We are proud to have successfuly completed maintenace works on Unit-45 Reaction Vessel and Unit-50 Optimization Vessels, Unit-75 and many more in CNL locations in Escarvos.

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