Dozik (Nigeria) Limited

... with a World-class warehousing facilities, we boast of effective distribution of procured goods to clients.
Procurement & Supply Services
Dozik (Nigeria) Limited procurement and supply department understand the value of procuring the right material with the required standards, coupled with prompt delivery at the required location. We utilize our contacts overseas for monitoring - from raw material quality to process system to packaging and for expediting shipment. Comprehensive documentation of all test results and manuals (including MSDS/SDS) are also undertaken on installation, instrumentation and maintenance of industrial machinery, spare parts, materials and chemicals.

In compliance with international standards, we have over the years established contacts with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)other manufacturers of genuine machinery, spare parts and consumables and therefore can help you shop for them at the most reasonable prices. Our automated laboratory is built and designed to test new products and those with unfamiliar trade names for certification and standards and so ascertain guarantee from manufactures.

... A few testimonials & achievements
Dozik (Nigeria) Limited is the first Nigerian Oil & Gas Servicing Comapany to have applied Jotun Fireproofing Technology on CNL facilities at Escravos.
We are also the first Nigerian Comapany to have applied Liquid Rubber (MetaSafe) - Leakproof Technology on CNL reservoir tanks and offshore facilities.
We are proud to have successfuly completed maintenace works on Unit-45 Reaction Vessel and Unit-50 Optimization Vessels, Unit-75 and many more in CNL locations in Escarvos.

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