Dozik (Nigeria) Limited

We provide services in Power Electronics Systems, Communications, Instrumentation & Control Systems Engineering.
Power, Instrumentaion & Control Engineering Services

We have years of experience and knowledge of Power Electronics Systems, Telecommunications, Instrumentation & Control Systems Engineering in the Oil and Gas field, has been the thrust to providing qualitative engineering services to clients.

Our services in power, instrumentation and control engineering include material design, installation, repair, procurement (including clearing & delivery to location), etc.

We also undertake the supply of skilled manpower, provision of supervision services, operators for equipment and tools, test and commission, including most electrical & instrumentation system of process equipment for the underlisted:
-   Flow stations.
- Onshore production platforms.
- Dehydration units.
- Compressor stations.
... A few testimonials & achievements
Dozik (Nigeria) Limited is the first Nigerian Oil & Gas Servicing Comapany to have applied Jotun Fireproofing Technology on CNL facilities at Escravos.
We are also the first Nigerian Comapany to have applied Liquid Rubber (MetaSafe) - Leakproof Technology on CNL reservoir tanks and offshore facilities.
We are proud to have successfuly completed maintenace works on Unit-45 Reaction Vessel and Unit-50 Optimization Vessels, Unit-75 and many more in CNL locations in Escarvos.

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